White Mountains Camping Trip

I finally got to have some time off this summer and go on a camping trip with my dad and brother. The time was short but it was really fun while there. We hiked up a small mountain called White Cliff and explored the area. Here are the photos from my weekend. 

We hit the road on an early Friday.

We finally arrived and had to register with the camp grounds. After setting up we decided to go look around for a bit before it got too dark and preview our hike for tomorrow.

Prepping for dinner

After some breakfast we headed to the top of the mountain.

The hike down was quick and just like that it was over and we were back at our camp site. We ended up exploring other places along the road to see what was around and discovered this lake where we stopped to look at the mountains we were just on. 

The White Mountains in New Hampshire is such an amazing place. It's crazy to think how different the landscape is from the city and it's only 2 hours away. The last time we came here was 4 years ago, and I am happy I got to do it again with my dad and brother. We have already planned for next year.