Anthony Tulliani is a Boston-based photographer specializing in portrait and lifestyle photography. Anthony graduated in 2012 with a bachelor’s degree in photography and has since spent his time working as a freelance photographer, photographic assistant, and digital tech. Anthony has also been working as an instructor at Boston Photography Workshops since 2016.

Anthony initially began college studying graphic design. After taking just one photography class, his whole path changed. He ended up switching his major to photography, got an internship at a commercial photo studio while still in school, and saturated himself in the field - frequenting events, lectures, and seminars. 

One of the things Anthony appreciates about photography is that it is something anyone can do, anywhere. Anthony hopes to make photography more accessible for everyone, and he proves this through his teaching with BPW, as well as his unapologetic habit of utilizing his phone as a camera, even when he has a DSLR with him. Anthony lights up when talking about photography, and has always enjoyed helping people, so teaching photography seemed like a natural move.  While teaching for BPW, Anthony enjoys not only sharing with students the many technical aspects of photography, but also how powerful of a tool photography is - allowing us all to capture moments that foster awareness, provide representation, and tell a story. 

Anthony’s dream is to take a photo of Earth from space. If you have any leads on how to make this happen, please contact him here.